PG&E Will Begin High-Tech Survey of Entire Transmission Pipeline System in Watsonville

PGEworkerIn our continued effort to inform the community about projects that could affect the community in any way, whether it’s a City or non-City project, we’d like to share the following information:

PG&E has informed Public Works of their current High Tech Survey of Entire Transmission Pipeline System that will begin in Watsonville in mid to late July.

PG&E will be conducting a comprehensive survey of their natural gas transmission pipeline system using high-precision Global Positioning System (GPS) mapping technology.

The survey involves marking and mapping the center of the pipeline, and checking the area above our pipe for certain structures or vegetation, such as sheds, gazebos, trees, or shrubs that could interfere with PGE&E’s ability to maintain inspect and safely operate the pipeline.

A more precise pipeline map will allow PGE&E to better serve their customers, enhance their ongoing pipeline safety programs and work more efficiently with first responders. PG&E regularly patrol and inspect the pipelines. This particular survey is different because it involves marking and mapping the center of their 6,750-mile natural gas transmission pipelines using GPS mapping technology.

The pipeline centerline survey will begin in mid to late July.

 So what to expect?

  • PG&E will be sending letters in advance of their survey to all property owners with a transmission pipeline located on or near their property. The initial communication will explain the program and announce their plans to visit.
  • Their survey team will be making brief visits of approximately 15 minutes and will access property with care and consideration. There will be no disruption in service.
  • The pipeling survey team typically incudes two to three PG&E contractors. All contractors are required to carry photo identification and will be happy to provide it upon request.

Click here if you’d like to read more on this project on the PG&E High-Tech Survey of Entire Transmission Pipeline System.

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