PG&E Pipeline Safety Initiative Update


PG&E Community Pipeline Safety Initiative: Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is working with customers in the City of Watsonville to help ensure safety crews have immediate access to natural gas transmission pipelines in case of an emergency. This important safety work involves addressing structures, trees and brush located near the gas pipeline that could block emergency access for safety crews or damage the pipeline. For any tree or structure that is located too close to the pipe and needs to be replaced for safety reasons, PG&E has partnered with the property owner to develop a plan that protects public safety while preserving the character and natural beauty of the community. This safety work is scheduled to begin in Watsonville the week of July 25 and is anticipated to take approximately two months to complete.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the planned safety work in Watsonville, please contact PG&E’s Customer Outreach Specialist, Jimmy Hernandez at:

  • Telephone: 1-408-234-6032
  • E-mail:

Additional Information on the Community Pipeline Safety Initiative, as well as other PG&E gas safety efforts cal also be found at

Click here to learn more about PG&E’s gas transmission pipeline in your neighborhood.

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