PG&E Community Pipeline Safety Initiative


PG&E presented their Community Pipeline Safety Initiative at the Watsonville City Council’s February 9th Meeting.

What has PG&E done?

  • they met with city officials and staff to discuss the safety risks and work together to plan for gas safety work in public areas.
  • They notified residents about contacting them about important gas safety work to help ensure first responder safety access.
  • They communicated about gas pipeline safety to all residents within 500-feet of the safety work
  • They checked the area above the gas transmission pipeline for trees and structures that pose an emergency access or safety concern
  • They have notified nearby residents before any safety work takes place
  • They contacted private property owners regarding any safety work proposed for their property
  • They are helping to ensure immediate access for first responders and safety crews, and preventing potential damage to the pipe
  • They are working with their customers and communities where a safety risk has been identified to develop shared solutions
  • They are planting new trees at a safe distance from the pipeline and restoring the area to preserve the natural beauty of our community

PG&E will soon be working on the removal/replacement of trees to provide first responders safety access.

PG&E conducted a Tree-by-Tree Review

  • They understand how important trees are to our community and the environment
  • They conducted a review of all trees near the gas pipelines to ensure they are only replacing trees that pose an emergency access or safety concern
  • The review is completed by gas safety experts and involves analyzing factors such as tree height, species and distance from the pipe
  • If a tree poses a safety concern and needs to be replaced, PG&E will work together with the property owner to offer replacement trees and restore the area


If you have any questions or would like more information about the planned safety work in Watsonville, please contact PG&E’s local customer outreach specialist Jimmy Hernandez at 1-408-234-6032 or Additional information on the Community Pipeline Safety Initiative, as well as other PG&E gas safety efforts, can also be found .



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