Only rain Down the Stormdrain

clearing-a-stormdrainLgStormdrains help prevent floods in our neighborhoods by sending rain water to rivers, wetlands and the ocean. Litter around town can get into stormdrains and flow straight to waterways, causing pollution. During heavy rains, trash, leaves and other debris can also block stormdrains, causing flooding.

Each year, the City’s Public Works & Utilities Department removes tons of litter and debris from our streets and trails, keeping it out of stormdrains. We accomplish this with City streets crew, our street sweeper routes, Hope Services crews and the thousands of residents that join Litter Clean-up events year-round at the City’s Nature Center and through our Public Works school field trips. Imagine what Watsonville would look like if each of us picked up one piece of litter every day! Our Public Works Outreach Program also educates youth, residents, and businesses about how to prevent stormdrain pollution to protect our health and the environment.

Together we can keep Watsonville clean and beautiful AND prepare stormdrains to do their job this winter!

Do your part:

  1. Help keep stormdrains working – clean leaves & debris off of storm drains and put in trash.
  2. Report clogged stormdrains or major flooding in your area to customer service (831) 768-3133.
  3. Join clean-up efforts at the City’s Nature Center, or simply pick up one piece of trash each day! Litter is one problem that YOU can help SOLVE!


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