New Fire Sub-Station


The City of Watsonville has leased the property located at 425 E. Lake Avenue and Fire Chief, Pablo Barreto, is proud to announce that it will be used as a sub-station starting January 2016. The purpose of the sub-station is to provide a trial period for an expanded level of fire services including emergency medical services, community presence, faster responses to fire incidents, and non-emergency public service. The sub-station will house a Quick Response Vehicle (QRV). The vehicle will be equipped with 911 radio communications, Basic Life Support equipment and/or Advanced Life Support equipment depending on staffing capabilities and necessary personal protective equipment to perform the firefighting duties. The sub-station may also be utilized during a large scale event or City emergency.

Staffing of the sub-station will not incur overtime costs and is not a permanent staffed facility of the Fire Department. The sub-station will be closed when staffing levels are low and/or due to other needs of the department. No regular scheduled hours of operation will be posted. The location of the property is near a main thoroughfare which allows for faster response to structure fires, medical emergencies, requests for assistance, and mutual aid to other communities.

For additional information contact the Fire Department at 768-3209.

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