Neighborhood Watch

Carey Davis NW

Community involvement in minimizing crime is a critical component in the Watsonville Police Department mission. During the past six months our residents have reported burglaries and vandalisms which directly led to arrests of the suspects, motorists have called in suspected drunk drivers, and people came to the aid of an officer who was fighting with a suspected gang member.

All these actions took courage and driven by everyday persons who want a safer community. The Watsonville Police Department encourages our residents to report suspicious behavior, gang activity, dangerous driving, and crimes in progress by dialing 911.

Another way to become involved in our fight against crime is our Neighborhood Watch Program. The Neighborhood Watch Program is a community based organization of neighborhood residents working together with the Watsonville Police Department and the Neighborhood Services Division to prevent crime. We currently have 25 neighborhoods organized in official Neighborhood Watch Programs.

To find our if your neighborhood is involved with Neighborhood Watch or you would like more information regarding the program, contact the Neighborhood Services Division of the City of Watsonville Parks and Community Services Department at 763-5678.

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