Measure D Supports Development of the Coastal Rail Trail


The Transportation Improvement Plan (Measure D) – which will be before Santa Cruz County voters on the November presidential ballot – provides an inclusive, balanced package of projects to improve, operate and maintain Santa Cruz County’s transportation network.  The ½ cent, 30-year sales tax will support bicycle and pedestrian facilities by providing funding for the development and maintenance of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail/Coastal Rail Trail.

The Rail Trail will be a paved bicycle and pedestrian pathway to be built within the 32-mile Santa Cruz Branch Rail Line corridor. The rail trail forms the spine of the 50-mile Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail Network.  Additional trail projects will connect the rail trail to key destinations and activity centers.

This level, car-free transportation alternative will provide kids, commuters, and recreational bicyclists and walkers a safe and enjoyable way to travel.

Measure D would provide an estimated additional $85,000,000 towards the Coastal Rail Trail, including:

Construction of bicycle and pedestrian trail sections connecting Santa Cruz, Capitola, Aptos, and Watsonville

  • New bike and pedestrian bridges
  • Adding lighting and security features
  • Keeping the trail safe and clean for active use
  • Storm and drainage management
  • Leveraging matching state and federal grants for full Coastal Rail Trail network completion

The first three segments of the rail trail – on the North Coast, in the City of Santa Cruz and in the City of Watsonville – will result in close to 11 miles of trails that will be 12 to 16 feet wide. The first three segments are scheduled to be under construction by 2018.

Santa Cruz County’s Measure D has the highest rate of investment in bicycle and pedestrian projects out of 11 county transportation measures put before California voters this November.

For additional information please visit the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission website.

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