Measure D – Safety, Pothole Repair, Traffic Relief, Transit Improvement

Measure D

Measure D is a county-wide ½ cent sales tax ballot measure that residents will be able to vote on in November. If Measure D passes, Watsonville would receive about 15% of the total county-wide funding annually. This means Watsonville’s funding allocation for road maintenance and street improvements would increase by approximately $750,000 each year. This measure requires funds to be managed and spent in Watsonville. This funding cannot be taken away by the State for other projects.

If approved, Measure D would be used to:
• Repair potholes and maintain local streets
• Continue to create safer routes to schools for local students
• Maintain mobility and independence for seniors and those with disabilities
• Invest in bicycle and pedestrian pathways and trails
• Ease congestion on major roadways
• Invest in transportation projects that reduce pollution

We have a few local projects that have received similar funding for example: the Airport and Freedom Blvd reconstruction project which improved road conditions and safety for pedestrians; the Freedom Boulevard Adaptive Traffic Signal Project which will help reduce traffic congestion and delays; and the 2013 Citywide Road Maintenance project which resurfaced 7.3 miles of City streets.

For more information Contact: María Esther Rodríguez, Assistant Director/City Engineer at (831) 768-3100. Visit:

Measure D Frequently Asked Questions:

Measure D FAQs

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