Mayor, Council, City Manager Attend Annual League of Cities Conference

City Manager Charles Montoya, Mayor Felipe Hernandez, and Council Members Lowell Hurst and Rebecca Garcia, as well as City Attorney Alan Smith all made the trip to the League of Cities Conference in Long Beach.

The California League of Cities is the leading advocate and representative for the common interests of California Cities. The League’s mission is to expand and protect local control through education and advocacy to enhance the quality of life for all California cities.

Mayor Felipe Hernandez stated, “This is my fourth conference I attend. This is where I learned the best practices for a new skate park. I am so excited to see the keynote, Jason Roberts, from Better Block, which I follow on social media.”

Part of the Conference’s goal is to provide education, learn about cities’ best practices, networking opportunities and innovative tools that will make Mayors, Council, City Managers, City Staff and their cities more successful.

“This makes my second conference attended. It’s important to learn of best practices to take back to Watsonville. One of the sessions I look forward to is how the City of Eureka provides services to homeless youth and families with out any general funds”, said Rebecca Garcia.

These conferences are held for elected officials and city staff who are seeking continuing education to enhance their own knowledge and skill sets in order to better serve the public.

Lowell Hurst “Gaining new knowledge & skills and learning from change making leaders is why he attends.”

City Manager Charles Montoya added,
“The League conference is an important part of being in public service.  It happens annually and it offers an opportunity to engage with others throughout the state and learn the best practices for issues that we are all dealing with.  It allows us to go back to our community and implement what we have learned to help steer our communities.”

The conference is held annually along with a national conference. There is also a series of Mayor’s, Council and executive trainings throughout the state.

City Manager, City Attorney, Mayor and Council members attended League of Cities Annual Conference

City Manager, City Attorney, Mayor and Council members attended League of Cities Annual Conference

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