Main Street Improvement Project

Downtown Public Art ProjectThe Main Street Improvement Project’s goal is to support the revitalization of our Historic Downtown.  The proposed project moves towards the creation of a comfortable, universally acceptable, sustainable place that attracts more people to visit, shop, and spend time in the Downtown.

The proposed project improvements on Main Street from Riverside Drive to Beach St. include:

  • reducing the existing 4 lanes to 2 lanes,
  • installation of bike lanes,
  • additional on street parking,
  • installation of landscaped street medians
  • bulb- outs (sidewalk extensions) at crosswalks
  • installation of street lighting

Additionally, the intersection of Second Street and Main Street will be reconfigured to allow a center turn lane from Maple Street to Main Street.  The traffic signal there will then be optimized to improve its operation and the traffic flow on Main St.

These improvements are intended to help slow down cars in the area and provide a safer, more comfortable experience for people visiting and walking in the downtown.

The proposed project also includes the flexibility for conversion back to four lanes of traffic should it be decided that the impact to vehicles traveling through Main Street is adverse and accommodations for vehicles needs to be prioritized.  This change could be done by re-striping which would mean removal of the bicycle lanes and parking.

The project estimate is $520,000 and construction is expected be complete in Summer, 2016.

For additional information you can contact Community Development at 768-3050.



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