Last Day to Register to Vote or Change Party for June 7 Presidential Primary


The last day to sign up to vote in the June 7, 2016 Primary Election is Monday, May 23.

To be eligible to register and vote, a person must be a U.S. citizen, at least 18 years old on or before June 7, and not be in prison on parole for a felony conviction.

For this June 7 election, the political party of the voter will determine which ballot the voter can vote. Voters registered with a political party will be given the ballot for that party that contains the candidates running for that party’s nomination to U.S. President. The only voters who get a choice on Election Day are voters who are not registered with one of the six qualified political parties. These No Party Preference (NPP) voters may choose one of the following political party ballots: Democratic, American Independent or Libertarian. Or the NPP voter may select a nonpartisan ballot that does not contain the office of President. The Republican, Green, and Peace and Freedom parties do not allow the NPP voters to vote in their Presidential Primaries.

The other contests on the ballot, US Senate, House of Representatives, State Senate, and State Assembly will have all candidates from all parties on all voters’ ballots. In these contests, the top two vote getters will proceed to the General election, even if they are registered with the same party.

The nonpartisan contests on the ballot, such as County Supervisor, County Offices, and state and local measures are on all voters’ ballots.

Contests for Party Central Committee are closed to only voters registered with their political party.

If voters  want to change their political party, do not remember voting within the last five years, have moved since last voting, or have changed their name, they must complete a new voter’s registration card. Voters may register or re-register to vote online at

Voters who do not have access to the Internet may complete a voter registration card available at the County Clerk/Elections Department located at 701 Ocean St., Room 210; City Clerk’s Offices in Capitola, Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley and Watsonville; local libraries; post offices; the Department of Motor Vehicles; social service agencies; military recruitment offices; and fire stations during regular office hours. Voters may also call 831-454-2060 and a card will be mailed to them. Voters may either deliver the completed card to the County Clerk/Elections Department, any of the four City Clerk’s Offices, drop it in the white mail box receptacle in front of the County Building used for returning vote-by-mail ballots until midnight May 23, or have it postmarked no later than May 23.

For more information, please contact the Santa Cruz County Clerk/Elections Department at 831-454-2060, or go online

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