La Quinta Hotel Project Approved 6-1 Vote

la quinta

The City of Watsonville will soon undergo an exciting project that will help strengthen and revitalize downtown Watsonville. Last night the City Council approved the La Quinta Hotel project on a 6-1 vote. The project is a 75 room, 4 story hotel and will be located on a peninsular lot between Hyde and Western at Main Street and Freedom Blvd. The hotel site has been identified as the gateway to Watsonville and will represent a substantial enhancement to the North end of Main Street.

The hotel will include multiple façade elements throughout the building, which will complement and enhance the view from Main Street. The project will include podium parking with a mechanical parking system, two large conference rooms, a pool and an area for continental breakfast. The applicant and owner of the hotel is AKS Hospitality, LLC, a limited liability company of Santa Cruz.

The project is located within an established commercial area and therefore no significant impacts are anticipated to be caused by the project. The traffic report concludes that the additional traffic related to the hotel will not result in a degradation of operations at the Main Street/Freedom Boulevard intersection.

City Manager Charles Montoya stated, “This is a very exciting opportunity to improve economic development and help encourage other property owners to begin investment in downtown.” This project will provide significant new transient occupancy tax revenue, property tax revenue, and business license tax revenue which are estimated to bring in at least $250,000 dollars a year to the General Fund. This project will pave the way to creating a more vibrant downtown, drawing new visitors, attracting new businesses and creating more jobs.


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