Irving Albor – Outstanding Participant

Irving Albor - PCS


Over the years many participants have come and gone at the various after school drop in sites. Callaghan Park Cultural Center is no different. Participants have laughed, cooked, played and interacted with other participants and staff. One such participant is 16 year old Irving Albor.

Irving has been a drop in participant at Callaghan Park since the age of 9. He was always the first to get in as soon as we opened and last to leave. From the day he began to attend drop in, Irving was a friendly, outgoing and enthusiastic young man.  He was always willing to participate in activities, help staff with whatever was necessary.  He claims “being involved and feeling comfortable in the center helped me build strong bonds with staff and other participants.”  If equipment was needed or broken, he would ask to fix it or he would ask if money could be raised to replace it. He regularly volunteers at Callaghan and at City special events. For example, he volunteered to work 12 hours a day for both days of the Watsonville Strawberry Festival!  He says “I enjoyed it and you guys have done so much for me.” This experience was nothing new for him; he did the same at last year’s Strawberry Festival and is looking forward to helping again for years to come.

Irving has always been a compassionate and caring individual. He is always looking out for his cousin, his nephew and his friends. His positive attitude and his willingness to help out are good examples for his friends. He is very respectful with all staff and over the past 8 years he has formed close bonds with all the Callaghan Staff.  Irving says, “They are like my second family and I feel right at home here.” His eagerness, positive attitude and dependability will with no doubt take him far in life.

As adulthood nears, he is coming to drop in much less, but Irving will always be a special young man, and we are fortunate that he chose to participate in the programs at Callaghan Park. He has left a positive impression on everybody he has met.

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