I LOVE Watsonville Tap Water



Information on Tap Water

  • Watsonville’s tap water is purified from city groundwater wells and creeks high in the Santa Cruz Mountains
  • It is safe and clean to drink and meets Federal and State regulations.
  • For your safety, chlorine is added, and nothing else, after it is pumped. This helps to kill bacteria, prevent diseases, and to disinfect our water pipes.  Our tap water is not being fluoridated.
  • Improve the taste of tap water by adding lemon, leave pitcher out for 1 hour, or use one of the many filters available. You also don’t need to boil the water!
  • For your safety, water samples are collected at different sites in the community and at the source for testing.
  • Your water is constantly tested at the City’s State-certified lab to ensure quality before it is sent to homes and businesses.
  • City water operators are commited to deliver safe and reliable water.
  • City upgrading water system for now and for the future!
  • How much is your water worth to you?  City’s tap water is healthy, safe, reliable, constantly tested, 24-7 on call water operators, customer service support, water system upgrades, and still the cheapest in the County.
  • Tap water is safer and cheaper than water bottled.
  • Tap water is the best deal around at a cost of .01 cent per gallon and with strict regulations so always safe!
  • Water bottles at a cost of  $2 per gallon or to refull your 5-gallon jug at .35 cents per gallon are less regulated.
  • Start drinking your tap water and save up to $1,000 per year on bottled water.
  • Twenty-eight billion water bottles are sold each year in the United States.
    • Eighty percent (80%) are NOT recycled.
  • Satisfy your thirst and refill at the tap!

If you have any questions regarding the City’s tap water, contact Customer Service at 768-3133.


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