Going with the Flow

Wastewater Collection Maintenance Team

Wastewater travels miles to get to the City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant. Our Wastewater Collection Maintenance team works hard to ensure that the 150+ miles of sewer pipes are cleaned for the journey that continues after dishwashing, showering, brushing teeth and toilet flushing. Caring for these pipes involves science, technology, and committed City employees. That’s why the collection team was so proud of the work they did this month as they managed to finish cleaning every pipe within the City; it takes about three years to accomplish!

It is crucial that these pipes are kept clean and clear to prevent overflows causing a mess for residents or neighborhoods and eventually harming the environment. Sewer pipes are made to hold only wastewater from homes and businesses. Products that are often advertised as flushable usually are not. Hair, dental floss, birth control of any kind, food waste, medications, gloves, rags, clothing, wipes, and diapers are all items that damage sewer lines and sewer lift station equipment. Our Collection team reminds residents that “we cannot treat toilets like trash cans.

Please do your part and remember that only toilet paper should be flushed! And remember that grease down the drain can also cause blockages in the system. Our dedicated Collection Team is at the frontline of keeping our community healthy.



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