Freedom Reservoir Turf Replacement Project


Story appeared in the Register Pajaronian’s November 8th edition – story and pictures by Tarmo Hannula

California Conservation Corps workers removed Bermuda grass last Tuesday, November 4th on Freedom Boulevard in front of the Fowle Reservoir. This work is part of a sheet mulching project where workers will lay down cardboard, a drip system, and then a thick layer of mulch. California native plants will then be planted through holes in cardboard.

In about one year, once the plants are established, the drip system will be disconnected because the plants will be able to survive without being watered. The project has two goals: to save water, and to serve as a demonstration garden. Informational signs explaining the garden and various plants will eventually be installed.

If you  have questions regarding this project you can contact Nancy Lockwood, Environmental Projects Manager at 768-3103.


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