Food Scrap Organics Collection Pilot Program

FoodScrapsMarinaThe City of Watsonville launched the Food Scrap Collection Pilot Program to selected businesses beginning November 2016. At this time, there are eleven businesses participating, with more being added each month. Staff from the City’s Solid Waste Division assists each business with containers, signage and employee training.

Watsonville’s food scraps are delivered to the Smart Ferm anaerobic digestion facility located at the Monterey Regional Waste Management District (MRWMD) in Marina, CA. The food scraps break down and produce methane gas inside the digester. The methane is then used to power a generator that produces electricity. The material remaining after digestion is moved over to a windrow composting operation and turned into a soil amendment.

Assembly Bill (AB) 1826 is a State mandate that requires jurisdictions to divert organic waste from businesses.   Our colleagues at MRWMD are currently allowing Watsonville to use their processing systems thereby helping the City comply with (AB) 1826. Efforts to site a food waste processing facility in Santa Cruz County, despite many efforts, have not yet been successful. The City continues to explore various options for the future.

Participating Businesses:

  1. Second Harvest Food Bank
  2. El Pajaro Commercial Kitchen Incubator
  3. El Primo Produce
  4. Vicky’s Produce
  5. Aldama’s Carniceria y Market
  6. Del Valle Produce
  7. D’La Colmena Inc.
  8. Starbuck’s (Main St. & Freedom)
  9. La Princesa market (Main St. & Freedom)
  10. El Pueblo
  11. Mi Pueblo

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