Installation of Red Curbing in Residential Areas Has Begun

Our Public Works & Utilities Department has started addressing some of the parking challenges in the more congested areas, which includes residential streets. Staff has begun installing red curbing in residential areas around town. The red curb painting will be installed adjacent to fire hydrants, adjacent to curb ramps and to crosswalks.

The first phase of this work has started in the areas of Clifford, Pennsylvania  and Main Street. This project is expected to take eight months to complete and the neighborhoods listed below will be included in the first round of curb painting. The approximate cost of the project is $30,000. For additional information, you can contact Customer Service at 768-3133.

1) Clifford Ave – Pennsylvania Ave – Main St area

Pennsylvania - Clifford - Main Street


2) Green Valley Rd – Hope Dr – Winding Way area

Green Valley - Hope - Winding Way

3) East Lake Ave – Tuttle Ave – Bridge Street area

East Lake Tuttle Bridge Street

4) Sunset Cove area

Sunset Cove Area

5) Arthur Road – Marin St – Freedom Boulevard area

Arthur Road, Marin Freedom Blvd

6) Holm Road – Anna St – Shady Oaks – Airport Road area

Holm-Anna Street-Shady Oaks - Airport

7) Lincoln St – Maple Avenue – Union Street area

Lincoln - Maple - Union Street

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