F.L.Y.E.R.S. (Fun Loving Youth En Route to Success)

PCS - Flyers program


Twenty-eight lucky children are not only getting their homework done right after school, but they also have fun in a variety of activities each day.  These twenty-eight children are registered in the F.L.Y.E.R.S. (Fun Loving Youth En Route to Success) after school program at the Ramsay Park Family Center.  

The program follows the Pajaro Valley Unified School District calendar and runs Monday through Friday.  The children are picked up right after school by program staff.  Once they arrive at the center, they begin their homework.  Staff provide any assistance they may need in solving that tricky math problem, figuring out how to spell that particular word or giving them timed tests for spelling or math.  Those few who do not have homework, and those who finish their homework quickly, take advantage of the center’s mini library and read quietly or in small groups.

After homework time, the children enjoy healthy snacks such as granola bars, fresh fruit and depending on the day, sometimes cookies and milk.  When snack time is over, the children head into the gym for a sport activity or straight to the arts and crafts area to create an artistic masterpiece.  At about 5 p.m., children are given free time to play any game they choose until they are picked up by their parents. The F.L.Y.E.R.S. program provides an important service for working parents and their children.

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