Curbside Yard Waste Program

The City of Watsonville began the Curbside Yard Waste Collection Program  in March of 2013. Since then over 1600 yard waste carts have been delivered to residents. The Yard Waste Collection Program was created to help save space in the City Landfill. The yard waste collected will be recycled and re-used as valuable landscaping material.

Yard waste is collected every other week. To be eligible for a yard waste bin you must have a yard that generates trimmings and live within Watsonville City limits.

Accepted Yard Waste:

– Leaves    -Grass clippings and weeds

– Shrubs     -Plant trimmings

– Small tree parts

– Unpainted wood or lumber


NOT Accepted Yard Waste:

  -Palm          -Cactus

  -Bamboo     -Poison oak

  -Yucca        -Root balls 

  -Ice plant     -Dirt and rocks

  -Garbage     -Plastic bags

For additional information on the Curbside Yard Waste Program, click here.


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