Corralitos Filter Plant Improvement Project

Increasing Water Supply and Protecting Threatened Species

StaffSandThe City recently secured a $3.2 million State Emergency Drought Grant to complete the Corralitos Creek Water Supply and Fisheries Enhancement Project. Currently, Corralitos Filter Plant can only take water from the creek in the summer months, when the water runs clear. Once rains begin, the creek water is difficult to treat with the old sand filtration process. The new filtration system would allow the City to treat water during the winter months, increasing water production at this facility.

Increasing drinking water production for our community

Finding sustainable ways to produce more water is critical during ongoing drought times. The 80 year-old filter plant typically produces 10 to 15% of Watsonville’s drinking water. The improvements would double the amount of water produced at this facility!

CorralitosFishLadder2Protecting habitat for federally endangered species

This project will not only improve our City’s potable water supply but will also provide a critical habitat for the South-Central California Coast steelhead, a federally threatened species.

The construction and design cost will be fully funded by this State grant and we are excited to break ground on the project this spring.

For additional information contact Tom Sharp at 768-3076.

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