City to Develop a Climate Action Plan and Carbon Fund

Planning for future generations

solar panelsA climate Action Plan is a blueprint that shows how the City will address the challenges of climate change over the next 20 years.

City staff have been working with a consultant team and a technical advisory committee to develop a Climate Action Plan and Carbon Fund for Watsonville. Both the Plan and the Carbon Fund were considered for adoption by the City Council on February 24.

The Climate Action Plan describes ways that we can make our homes more energy efficient, and how we can take advantage of renewable energy resources. The Plan also recommends smart growth development, more pedestrian-friendly corridors, transit solutions, and ways to reduce waste.

The Carbon Fund will create a fee to be placed on new construction projects that do not include renewable energy. For example, a new house that includes solar panels would be eligible for a refund of the Carbon Fee; however, a new house that does not include solar panels or other renewable energy items would have to pay the Carbon Fee.

Money raised through the Carbon Fee will be used to implement the City-wide greenhouse gas reduction policies outlined in the Climate Action Plan.

For more information regarding the Climate Action Plan and Carbon Fund, contact the Community Development Department at 768-3050.

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