City of Watsonville Launches Advanced Budget Transparency Platform


The City of Watsonville and announced the release of a powerful new tool that presents and visualizes the city’s revenues and expenses—from multi-year trends to object-level details. By leveraging the OpenGov Platform, citizens and staff can use the web-based software to enhance access, understanding, and analysis of the city’s annual budget. The City of Watsonville joins the ranks of over 40 other California governments who are leading the country on the open government initiative.

City Administrative Services Director Ezequiel Vega managed the partnership to make the government administration’s finances easily accessible and understandable. “When residents and members of our government have this information easily available to them, it improves the dialogue between the government and citizens,” said City Manager Carlos Palacios. “Our OpenGov site enables communication, trust, and engagement within the community.”

The public is invited to explore the tool on the city’s web site, or directly at

“The City of Watsonville and its residents can interact with and explore the budget in ways that were never before possible,” says Zachary Bookman, CEO and co-founder of OpenGov. “By bringing their data to life, Watsonville is transforming their financial data into meaningful, actionable information that will strengthen their bond with constituents.”

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