City of Watsonville 28 Best Practices

28 Best Pictures Cover Sheet


The City of Watsonville is excited to present the 28 Best Practices of the City of Watsonville. This brochure illustrates the many progressive and creative projects and programs we have implemented over the past few years. These ideas have become the core of some of Watsonville’s best practices and illustrate the outstanding work and dedication of our staff.

We have highlighted 28 of Watsonville’s “Best Practices” in the attached brochure.

We hope sharing these practices will contribute to and continue our mutual quest for the good of the City.

City Manager Carlos Palacios said, “I am so proud of our City staff for their hard work and commitment in implementing these projects and programs.  Our staff is professional and committed to the community.  They regularly accomplish amazing things.  I would also like to thank the City Council for their countless hours of volunteer work and service to the community and for the support they give to staff to allow these outstanding accomplishments to come about.

We are committed to providing programs and services that will create a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly community. We do it with pride and we do it with less!

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