City is Using Cutting Edge Material

Significant savings are expected from the use of new pipe material

IMG_2981Watsonville Public Works and Utility Department is making great headway in replacing the City’s aging underground water mains. Fifty percent of Watsonville’s water system is over 50 years old and experiences frequent breaks and leaks.

Currently, work is being done at College Road, from Cutter Drive to Lake View Road. As part of this work, the City is using new cutting edge material. An 1,800-foot stretch of zinc epoxy ductile iron pipe is being used for this project, replacing an older type of iron pipes installed using other methods. Despite great success in European countries and other regions of the U.S., this is the first time such a product has been used in California.

This new pipe material is likely to last 100 years, about two times the life of the current pipes being replaced. This will create a more reliable water system and the City will receive significant cost savings by this preventive maintenance effort.

The College Road water main replacement project is expected to cost $150,000 and be completed by March of this year. For more information contact Steven Hernandez at 768-3194.

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