Building Permits & Business Licenses

paperworkThe Community Development Department is the place to call or visit when you are considering making repairs or alterations to your home. They are responsible for the review of development and building activity to ensure that they are safe and comply with zoning and building codes, general plan policies, the California Environmental Quality Act, and community values.

Many repairs permits can be reviewed and approved over the counter with a Building Permit, but some permits require more information and/or plans.

The Community Development Department has over-the-counter hours on Wednesday mornings from 7:30-11:00 a.m. in which small projects such as those listed below can be reviewed and approved by Planning, Building, and Fire at the same time.  Please note that the City requires signed authorization by the property owner before we can issue any permits for construction.  Some of the projects that require permits are outlined below:

Water-Heater-2 - Copy reroof
plumbing repair - Copy SmallAddition

Water Heaters/Furnaces:  A building permit is required for the installation or replacement of water heaters and/or furnaces.

Small Plumbing Projects:  A building permit is required when you are changing any plumbing under your sink, or changing the plumbing in your shower.  A permit is not required to replace a toilet.

Small Electrical Projects:  A building permit is required when you are installing or moving lights, or installing or moving electrical outlets in your home.

Roofing:   A building permit is required when replacing or fixing a roof.

Additions:  A building permit and plans are required for any additions that add square footage or significantly alter the interior of the residence.

For more information on permit requirements, contact the Community Development Department at 831-768-3050 or visit the City’s webpage at

Business Licenses

Did you know that, with few exceptions, anyone conducting business in the City of Watsonville is required to have a business license?  This applies to any business that operates in the City, whether their office is located in the City or not.  The City has contracted with Muni-Services to audit existing businesses in Watsonville to enforce the business license requirement.  If you have been contacted by Muni-Services, you must comply with their instructions and submit your information to them directly.  If you have questions about the business license, you may contact the Finance Department at 831-768-3455.


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