Be a Solution to Pollution! Keep Watsonville Clean and Pick Up Your Pet’s Waste


Make an easy and smart commitment to the health of our community and your environment by picking up your pet’s waste. Watsonville is committed to a waste free community and has installed baggie stations throughout our parks, trails and levee, but we still need your help!! Pet waste is not a fertilizer like cow manure, as it contains 10 times more fecal coliform, and a whole lot of other nasty stuff like e.coli, salmonella, and giardia.

During the winter months, pet waste that is left behind is washed into the environment through storm drains where it poses a serious health risk to humans and wildlife. For example, the waste from 100 dogs could contaminate 10 miles of river or ocean in one single day! By picking up your pet’s waste, you can help eliminate the direct pollution of our environment, not to mention it’s the polite thing to do!

We ask Watsonville residents to please remember to:

  1. Tie a doggie bag to your leash, so you’re always prepared!
  2. Always dispose of your pet waste in the garbage! Forgotten bagged pet waste is a leading cause of pollution on our trails and beaches.
  3. Encourage others to do their part and clean up after their pet.

Remember, nobody wants poop on their shoe or in our waterways!

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