Abandoning Monitoring Wells Project

Abandoning Monitoring Wells Project

The work to fill in monitoring wells in the area of Holm Rd. and Airport Blvd. began this week (March 20, 2013 ) and should be completed within the next 4 weeks.

As required by the Santa Cruz County Health Department, approximately 30 monitoring wells along the area of Watsonville will be filled in with grout. These are located in both the street and sidewalk areas.  Final completion of the project will include an AC patch in the street, and new concrete in the sidewalk.  Proper traffic control will be in place at all areas the contractor is working.  These monitoring wells were created to monitor the water because of the gas station at 7-11.

Please be aware that it will be noisy at times. If you have any questions, you can contact Bob Berry, Project Manager at 768-3111.

What is a monitoring well?

The primary function of ground water monitoring wells is to provide subsurface access for the measurement of liquid levels and the collection of liquid samples for analysis. In the underground storage tank (UST) program, the liquids that are of most concern are ground water and petroleum products, whether in the non-aqueous or dissolved phase. Monitoring wells also may be used to collect gas/vapor samples and measure vertical transport properties.


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