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Mayor’s Update

June 2014

Dear Residents,

The City of Watsonville strives to provide excellent customer service. We are committed to providing programs and services that will create a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly community. We invite you to celebrate the summer season with us at the 4th of July Spirit of Watsonville parade beginning at 2 p.m. in our historic downtown.

Safe and sane fireworks will be sold throughout the city by various local organizations. This serves as the main fundraising activity for many local groups. Please visit our page for safety information regarding safe and sane fireworks:

However, the City of Watsonville does NOT allow illegal fireworks activity. The following describes our zero tolerance policy about illegal fireworks.

July 4th Zero Tolerance Policy on Fireworks Violations

Watsonville Police and Fire will team up the week of July 4th to enforce a zero tolerance policy on all fireworks violations. Fines can be as much as $1000.  This action does not apply to “Safe and Sane” fireworks. Enforcement action will include confiscations, administrative and criminal citations, and in-custody arrests. The police department encourages you to report information about illegal fireworks sales to 831-728-3544.

If you are currently in possession of illegal fireworks, you may voluntarily drop them off at the Watsonville Police Department with no questions asked and without worry of arrest.

Watsonville’s First Roundabout

Graniterock Company began construction of the roundabout at the intersection of Pennsylvania Drive and Clifford Avenue. Improvements include replacement of sidewalks, reconstruction of roadway, installation of several traffic islands and street lights.  The roundabout will benefit drivers, pedestrians and neighbors by reducing delay, handling more vehicles, reducing the number and severity of accidents, improving air quality and providing aesthetic improvements.  Landscaping will include native and drought tolerant plants.  Funding is being sought to install artwork in the center island. The cost is $535,000 and will be funded with income from gas tax, fees paid by developers for future traffic improvements and an Air District grant of $198,540.

Beginning on July 7th, the intersection, Pennsylvania Dr. & Clifford Ave. will be COMPLETELY CLOSED to all traffic and will reopen on August 15th. During this time, pedestrian access through the intersection will be maintained. While the intersection is closed, drivers and pedestrians should follow signs for detours. If you have questions regarding this project, contact Murray Fontes, Principal Engineer at 768-3117.

Ramsay Park to Get a New Skate Park

The City of Watsonville’s Parks and Community Services Department has an exciting opportunity to expand and renovate the Ramsay Skate Park. The department needs assistance from skateboarders and the public to design a fun, exciting and unique skate park for the community.

The existing 7,600 sq. ft. skate park was built in 2001 and consists of pre-fabricated steel obstacles. While well-utilized, the park does not offer youth and adults the same experience as contemporary parks.  A new concrete skate park is proposed to be constructed at a more visible location within Ramsay Park. This renovation will offer the community a skate park that incorporates current design trends and will meet various skill levels.

Input from the community is an important aspect of designing a skate park that will meet the needs and interests of skateboarders. There are individuals who have expressed interest in making monetary contributions to the Ramsay Skate Park Renovation Project. Community input and support ensure that enhanced skateboarding experiences are created for the community. For additional information contact Parks & Community Services Department’s Customer Service at 768-3240.


Public Workshops – Watsonville residents are invited to attend two public workshops about the skateboard park:

Thursday, July 17th at 7: 00 p.m.

Ramsay Park Family Center

1301 Main Street

Thursday, August 14th at 7: 00 p.m.

Ramsay Park Family Center

1301 Main Street

Upcoming Events

August will be a busy month! Please mark your calendars for the 20th Anniversary of the Strawberry Festival taking place on August 2nd & 3rd in Downtown Watsonville and National Night Out taking place Tuesday, August 5th. Please call 768-3240 for more information.

I love to hear from our community, so please feel free to email me directly at:


Mayor Karina Cervantez