Planning Commission

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The powers and duties of the Planning Commission are outlined in the City of Watsonville Charter Section 906 & 907.

The Planning Commission consists of seven (7) members who are appointed by the City Council.

This commission makes recommendations to the Council after a public hearing to amend or repeal a general plan or a specific plan that affects de physical development of the City.

The Planning Commission is charged with listing and classifying public improvements, make recommendations with respect of Land use including planning, zoning, subdivisions, public buildings, recreation and parks, streets and housing; or any other duties as prescribed by the Council not inconsistent with the provision of the Charter.

Current Planning Commissioners:

 District  Members Term Expires
 No. 1  Jenny Sarmiento (Chair)  11/2020
 No. 2  Eduardo Montesino  11/2020
 No. 3  Dobie Jenkins  11/2018
 No. 4  Nick Rivera  11/2018
 No. 5  Anna Kammer (Vice-Chair)  11/2018
 No. 6  Matthew H. Jones  11/2020
 No. 7  Rick Danna  11/2018

 Please call (831) 768-3050 for more information or e-mail Commissioners by completing the contact form.


Click here to Access Planning Commission Meetings