What is Books into Art?

It is an annual event during the month of February, when we invite the community to transform outdated or worn books into a work of art. You can use your own discarded books or ask for a bag full at the library. Use any size paperback or hardcover.


Win a gift certificate to Wild Rose Artist’s supplies by bringing your

Books into Art project to the library between March 7th – 14th.

Our community will vote for their favorite altered book and the winner will be announced in the April Calendar of Events.

Rebind or make a new cover

paint some or all the pages

make slits to weave

choose a theme for your art

make marks

glue pages together to make a thick block

write your own text in it

use rubber stamps

add fold-outs such as maps

cut out parts like a door or window

highlight words with a pen

tear book apart, reassemble in different order

cut pages in half vertically or horizontally

use the book as a base for a book you create over it

attach envelopes and stuff them with something

add in pages

stain the pages to make it look old

collage it

To get ideas, visit the main library of look for images online with the search terms altered books.

Call 768-3400 if you have any questions